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You’ve gotten your small business set up with a website and possibly a blog. Now it’s time to start sharing your content and interacting with your customers. You need to be where they are, and that is social media.


If you’re just starting out, we’re more than happy to help you set up one or multiple social media profiles. We currently offer services for the following sites:

  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
Included in the price of each profile setup is a profile image, background, or cover image (based on which site you purchase). If you’re looking to save some more, when you purchase a monthly maintenance plan for any of these sites, you will receive 10% off of your profile setup purchase.

Setups include:

  • Company information
  • Color branding (where available)
  • Initial content (2-3 updates/profile)
  • 30 minute Training/Q & A session so you are ready to take your new profiles by storm!


The driving force behind social media is engagement with other people. The only way that you will gain Fans and Followers is if you consistently update your feed, respond to those talking to you, and engage with content other people are providing. If you have the time to do all of this, fantastic! We can set up your profiles and you can be on your way. If you would like some help (or for us to completely take over), you have that option, too.

As you have read in the “About” section of our site, the reason we do this is because we have an unwavering passion for social media. We live and breathe blogging and Tweeting. There are few things worse in social media than not updating or not answering a potential customer’s question on your profile–you could be throwing money away! We can help you with all of your social media profiles, at three different levels:

Level I

If you plan on being very involved with your social media strategy, but would like the peace of mind of knowing that your accounts are updated daily, you can purchase our Daily Update Package. With this package, you will receive:

  • 2 daily updates to the social profile of your choice.
  • Weekly status reports of fans/followers.
  • Recommendations for post content and timing.

Level II

A steady flow of updates and regular engagement is where you will really begin to grow a following on social media. With the Level II package, we can offer:
  • 3 daily updates on the social profile of your choice.
  • Engagement 3-5 times daily (speaking with new followers, replying to questions/comments, following/liking potential customers).
  • Weekly status reports of fans/followers.
  • Recommendations for post content and timing.

Level III

You are ready to take social media by storm. You want your company to take advantage of the digital space, reach out to potential clients, and generate more leads. With the Level III package, you will receive:
  • 3-7 daily updates on the social profile of your choice (number/day varies based on the Best Practices for each social network).
  • Engagement throughout the day (new follower interaction, replying to questions/comments, as they all happen).
  • Weekly status reports of fans/followers.
  • Recommendations for post content and timing.
  • Recommendations for accounts to interact with.

Existing Profile Refresh

Maybe you already have a web presence. You have a decent number of followers on Twitter, some Facebook fans, and a healthy number of fellow Pinners. You think your pages could use a refresh–we can help.

If you look at all of your social media profiles together, would the average person know they are all owned by the same company? If not, we can help you achieve this look through branding the designs and refreshing the profiles.

All Refreshing is done with customer-provided images and content. If you would like a new logo or images created, contact us to discuss pricing!