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Blogging is an extremely beneficial addition to any business’s web presence. Not only does it add content to your site, it can also:

  • Develop you and your company as a thought leader in your industry
  • Enhance website SEO
  • Encourage discussion through comments, which can provide significant leads

When purchasing any of our blogging service options, you can be guaranteed:

  • Unique content – All blog posts are written specifically for your company. We will never reuse or steal content from other sources.
  • Relevant keywords – The 300-400 word posts will include relevant keywords that will help drive traffic to your blog and website.
  • Readability – The content is written for the reader first, and the search engines second. What this means is that while we use appropriate keywords, you shouldn’t be able to tell.


  • All content will be sent to you, to be published under your name.
  • ATMP Media writers make no claim on purchased written content.
  • All images provided will be Public Domain or Creative Commons (with source provided for citing).
  • All information sources will be provided and, when relevant, linked to within the blog post.

Blog Setup

Whether you already have a website set up or not, we can create for you an individual blog. For ideal search engine optimization for your company, this will be a part of your website. (Though we can create separate blogs as well, if that is what you are looking for!) We utilize the tools within WordPress, and we can help choose and customize the best layout for your company. If you would like to discuss your specific needs to make sure they will be covered under this option, please feel free to contact us!

Blog Maintenance Packages

We recommend updating your blog a minimum of once per week, but the more top quality content, the bigger jump you’ll see in your website traffic. All pricing is on a monthly basis. When purchasing a monthly maintenance package, you can receive 10% off of blog creation services.