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You’ve been told by countless people that your small business should be online. They say you should be blogging and using social media–but you’re busy running your business!

As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you have a passion for the work you do. If you could, you would do that work all day and nothing else. Unfortunately, we’re all hit with the reality that it takes a variety of skills to reach the next level in your business.

About Us

ATMP Media Management is As The Music Plays, and As The Music Plays is me–Ann Marie! I have that same passion and drive that you have for your small business, but for social media and web management. After receiving my BA in Music Industry, I went on to earn my Master’s in Media Management and Communication. I am always staying up-to-date with the latest tools and technologies, reading blogs and trade publications, and listening to the top industry leaders. I “tweet” constantly, blog, network on LinkedIn and interact on Facebook. Let me help you determine what the best strategy is for your company, and then work with you to develop your brand online.

(P.S. If you aren’t sure what some of the words I’ve used mean–like Tweet and blog–head on over to the FAQ page where I define some of the confusing online jargon that you have undoubtedly come across!)



Not sure where to get started or which services are best for your company? Don’t worry–we’re glad to discuss all of your needs and help you figure out the right combination to grow your business and gain clients.


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